Eyelid and Orbital Injuries
January 15, 2023
Eyelid Tumors
January 16, 2023

Eyelid Deformity Aesthetics

Shape disordes of the eyelid; The inward-turned state of the eyelids is called entropium and the outward-turned state is called ectropium.

Extraversion of the Eyelid / Ectropium

Ectropium; In ectropium, the lid conjunctiva is visible. The patient experiences tear drainage problems because the holes (puncta) that provide the drainage of the tears also turn outward (become evert). If the ectropium is excessive, the tear may flow out of the lid, that we call epiphora as well as a misty-eyed appearance in mild ectropiums. Everting surgical procedures should be applied to relieve symptoms and improve cosmetic appearance. 


Image-1: Ectropium


Sometimes skin cartilage grafts (skin burns) may be needed. The procedures performed to improve both tear drainage and the patient's appearance.

Introversion of the Eyelid / Entropium

Entropium; As the free edge of the lid turns inward in entropium, the eyelash line also turns inward. This can cause huge problems for the eye, in addition to cosmetic problems. Because with rotating eyelashes, the transparency of the cornea will be lost and therefore vision will decrease. Treatment for entropiums is surgery. This has to be urgent. Prevention of corneal damage is only possible by preventing eyelash contact. Surgical procedures (split interventions) to turn the eyelid's free edge outward should be performed. 


Image-2: Entropium


Since the result of both ectropium and entropium directly concerns eye health, it is recommended that surgical procedures be performed by an oculoplastic surgeon.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What are the deformities of the eyelid?
Deformities of the eyelid; are the cases where the eyelids are turned inwards and outwards.
Eyelid Deformity Aesthetics
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