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January 16, 2023
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January 16, 2023

Lower Eyelid Sagging and Almond Eye Aesthetics

There are inner and outer canthal ligaments, starting from the end of the free edges of the eyelids, which enable the movement of the eyelids in the same plane. The attachment sites and tension of these ligaments are important. Especially in the laxity of the canthal ligaments in the lower lid, the lower lid is displaced downwards. As a result, sagging of the lower eyelid (lower eyelid laxity) occurs.

What Kind of Problems Does Lower Eyelid Looseness Cause?

If this situation is long-lasting, there will be an outward turning (ectropium) at the free edge of the lid due to the effect of gravity. This is not just an image issue. At the same time, with the deterioration of tear drainage, tears will flow from the eyelids (epiphora). Patients with lower eyelid drooping should definitely undergo surgical intervention. A shortening and stretching procedure (canthoplasty, canthopexy) should be performed on the canthal ligaments in order to tighten the laxity in the lower eyelid.

How Does Lower Eyelid Drooping Affect Cosmetic Appearance?

Lower eyelid drooping, just like upper eyelid drooping, causes a tired, old and unhappy appearance in patients. If the dropping of the lower eyelid is corrected, the patient will look younger and more beautiful, and his/her self-confidence will increase.


Image-1: Lower eyelid drooping before and after


In addition, the tearful eye state will also disappear. Permanent tension will be achieved with the selection and application of the appropriate surgical method. The operation is performed with local anesthesia and takes 30-40 minutes. The healing process is about 1-2 weeks.

Almond Eye Aesthetics

Almond eye aesthetics (fox eye) has been very popular in recent years. The slanting eye structure has become desirable. The places where the outer canthal ligaments attach to the orbital free edge are not in the same plane. The lower outer canthal ligament attaches a few mm higher than the upper outer canthal ligament.

Image-2: Almond eye aesthetic


But sometimes, due to anatomical variations, it can adhere either at the same level or from below compared to the top. In these cases, the lower lid is positioned at a lower level. The eyelid opening of the patients is also increased. Surgical procedures can be performed both in lower outer canthal ligament adhesion problems and with cosmetic sensitivity.

How is Almond Eye Surgery Performed?

Sometimes, shortening of the lower outer canthal ligament and/or lifting the insertion site of the lower outer canthal ligament to the upper level is required. If the almond eye aesthetic is desired to be very prominent, the lids should be stretched in the outward and upward position. French hanger is another method, but its effect is not permanent, after a while it is returned to the beginning. For this reason, if the eyelid position is desired to be permanent, the surgical method should be preferred. The surgical procedure takes 30-45 minutes under local anesthesia. Healing occurs in 1-2 weeks. The operation has no significant risk.

Frequently asked Questions

1How does the surgical process work in almond-eye aesthetics?
The surgical procedure takes 30-45 minutes under local anesthesia. Healing occurs in 1-2 weeks. The operation has no significant risk.
Lower Eyelid Sagging and Almond Eye Aesthetics
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