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Upper Eyelid Drooping

Blepharochalasis; It is characterized by laxity and dropping of the upper eyelid skin. It is seen in middle and old ages. It can also be seen in some young patients who are genetically predisposed. While creating a cosmetic problem, it causes mechanical ptosis and lowers the eyelid. In addition to giving patients an older appearance, blepharochalasis also leads to a tired, weary and unhappy look.

What is the Cause of Upper Eyelid Dropping?

The skin of the eyelids is very loosely attached to its base. As a result of the effect of gravity over time and the changes in the skin with age, the eyelid skin drops down. With the separation of the skin of the upper eyelid from its base, fluid-filled packs also cause ptosis by creating heaviness.


Image-1: Before and after operation


Inappropriate cosmetic materials and inappropriate aesthetic interventions accelerate this process. Rubbing the eyelids continuously in allergic eye diseases also increases blepharochalasis.

What Is Done In The Treatment Of Upper Eyelid Drooping?

The treatment of blepharochalasis is surgery (blepharoplasty). Although cosmetic applications to tighten the skin and micro-invasive interventions are performed, the same image emerges after a while. Removing the skin and subcutaneous fluid packs is a absolute solution. If there are fat hernias at the same time, fat extraction should also be done.

How is Upper Eyelid Surgery Performed?

The operation is performed with local anesthesia and two eyelids are intervened in synchronization. The operation time takes about 60-90 minutes. Ice should be applied to the patient immediately after surgery. Swelling and bruising on the eyelids may last for 2-3 weeks. For the first 3 days, the patient should not contact the eyelids with water. It should also be known that very little dropping can be seen due to the increase in age and the continuation of the exposure to gravity over time.
With blepharoplasty (upper eyelid aesthetics), patients will appear younger, more lively, happier-looking, and more confident. As the upper eyelids of the patients will be lighter, their gaze will also be relieved, meanwhile, if they have ptosis, they will improve and the range of the eyelids will increase.

What is the Importance of the Physician in the Surgery of Upper Eyelid Drooping?

If the operation is performed in unsuitable hands, there may be some disadvantageous situations such as the eyelids not closing during sleep, the feeling of pulling up on the eyelids, asymmetric eyelid skin folds, and obvious scars. For this reason, surgeon preference should be for an oculoplastic surgeon who can preserve the functions of the eyelid, calculate the amount of skin to be removed for the appropriate eyelid shape, and respect the tissues. It is expected that oculoplastic surgeons who have interventions on eyelids in daily surgical practice will be more successful in these applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

1At what age is upper eyelid drooping seen?
It is seen in middle and advanced ages. It can also be seen in some young patients who are genetically predisposed.
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